Technorati Troubles

May 19, 2008

This evening has been a pretty boring time–trying to claim a blog at

It took about an hour–or more, I’ve just lost track–8 emails and an lot of expletives before I could get an account to actually work. Each time I tried to log on with the then current ID and password, well, there was no such ID and/or password in the system.

When I finally got that to work I could only get so far in claiming this blog when it got stuck in the Complete Claim stage–I just got sent around and around and around times beyond number. I never got beyond the communicate between Technorati and wordpress page.

I remember some time ago trying the same thing and getting so frustrated that I just gave up.

This time I posted a comment to the support blog. Maybe, in a few days, after the Holiday–which may not be a holiday wherever the Technorati staff are–this glitch might be fixed.

I really do not think the process of joining and claiming a blog should not take hours.

Now, if I were truly stupid or something, maybe it would. But there is clearly something wrong with the site.

I think, though, there is something wrong with the site–I wish they would just fix it.