Services for Trans People in Ottawa

May 24, 2008

A Public Commitment

We, the undersigned organizations in, of and/or serving the gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans (transgender and transsexual), two spirit and queer community in Ottawa, recognize the historically under-served status of transgender and transsexual people in Ottawa.

(For ease of use, this document will use the term “trans” throughout.)

We publicly commit ourselves to actively and expeditiously addressing this historical oversight by formally establishing explicitly trans inclusive policies for our organizations that will contain:

1. Statements outlining our organizations’ philosophy of anti-discrimination, definitions, eligibility for services and participation, and confidentiality;

2. Commitment to the creation of trans-positive environments;

3. An identification of educational needs, service opportunities and outreach strategies that will lead our organizations to be trans-inclusive internally and, with each other, work towards creating a city and society that explicitly recognizes, accepts and serves trans people as full and equal participants.

We further commit ourselves publicly to fulfilling these policies with all deliberate haste.