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May 31, 2008

I have just read this in a piece on The Washington Blade’s website, ” Gay political blog left out of DNC National Convention:”

It begins:, a rising gay blog headed by Bil Browning and host to nearly 100 contributors, was not granted blogger credentials to the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Later in the piece, ” Browning figured Bilerico would be a shoo-in, with its wide variety of writers and the diversity among them.”

I have also just some time posting comments to the Bilerico Project, which bills itself as “daily experiments in LGBTQ:”

I read many posts from trans people and others who are certainly not “gay” but do truly range in diversity and, I would add, measure up to its billing as “daily experiments in LGBTQ:.”

I read so often, on Bilerico, about the need to work together, in a way, though no one there actually says in so many words, that leads me to understand they understand the notion of coalition, not identity, which is the only way those of us who are not male, middle-class or white can ever join and benefit.

Particularly for those who, usually only nominally, espouse either intersectionality or anti-oppression.

Coalition is a notion completely alien to the mainstream in LG(B)(T) activism in Canada, often on display in the Xtra publications in Canada:

It is curious, but I’ve just read at least one long comment, on bilerico, bemoaning all the labels and hoping for a time when they won’t be needed. I don’t know why there is any moaning at all because the time is here.

The Washington Blade, and Capital Xtra, have declared the all-inclusive term is “gay.”

Now, all of us who don’t identify, or identify primarily as “gay,” should not cavil at this, because, I suppose, this term represents all the diversity, all the inclusiveness that is necessary–all else would be “inconvenient, divisive and ultimately unnecessary.”

I realize this is nothing for bilerico or many others even to take notice of, yet, I believe that until there is fully recognized diversity and declared/established inclusiveness, the casual erasure of so many, because it is “inconvenient, divisive and ultimately unnecessary” to do otherwise, will lead to more than casual consequences for those of us who have been erased.


On a much more positive note, I am happy to note that Autumn Sandeen, of the blog Pam’s House Blend, will be the only transgender blogger at the Democratic National Convention.

Way to go, Autumn!

Pam’s House Blend: