Technorati No Longer Troubled

Well, after almost 36 hours, I’ve finally been able to claim my blog at

To recap a little, about 11 pm Sunday night I thought I’d join to help promote this blog–that is one of the advertised purposes of the site. It took about 3 hours and 8 emails to reset my password and to change my ID–because the system wouldn’t recognize my ID and/or password for about 3 hours.

OK, I joined–finally.

Then, I kept trying to claim my blog through the OpenID Method–and when I got to the Complete Claim Step (the LAST step) the system kept sending me to the second step to claim my blog.

I exchanged comments with Support a number of time. I think you can understand my frustration and anger.

Finally, it was suggested I use the Post Claim Method which I have just done. (The Support person said they would investigate why the OpenID Claim Method didn’t work–as well they should.)

And it worked!

Now y’all better start reading my blogs.


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